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Some people are wondering why FreshDirect is partnering with the city and state to build a state-of-the-art facility in the Bronx and want to know about the incentives program we are utilizing.


FreshDirect is a home-grown success that will now continue to grow and create jobs in New York. Creating almost a thousand new jobs is a real victory for the Bronx and a clear sign that leading New York companies see this state as the place to start, stay and strengthen their businesses.”

– Andrew Cuomo,
Governor of New York

Earlier this month, Fresh Direct made a long-term commitment to remain in New York City by building a new headquarters in the South Bronx. This will have a major impact on the local community: 2,000 jobs paying an average of $16 an hour will move in. And over the next 10 years, Fresh Direct expects to hire 1,000 more workers — a major lift to the city and especially the local community, which currently has the highest unemployment rate in the five boroughs.”

– Michael Bloomberg and Ruben Diaz Jr.,
Mayor of New York City and Bronx Borough President

While New York City is the home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, there are few that have impacted the daily habits of New Yorkers like FreshDirect. Over the next decade, this project will lead to significant investment in the South Bronx, creating thousands of jobs for New Yorkers, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in overall economic activity, and ensuring that this hometown success story is able to continue its tremendous growth right here in the five boroughs where it belongs.”

– Seth Pinksy,
New York City Economic Development Corporation President

FreshDirect’s decision to expand in the Bronx is a strong statement of confidence in New York City’s future. Today’s announcement is the latest sign that more and more businesses want to be in New York City.”

– Robert Steel,
New York City Deputy Mayor

I think now New York State should keep FreshDirect right here. I won’t even allow myself to think about going to New Jersey. I’ve stuck by FreshDirect way too long for it to leave me now.”

– Jesse Cogdell,
FreshDirect Employee, Native New Yorker

We must do what we can to help Fresh Direct stay in New York, to help it grow and thrive, so we can have opportunities to grow and thrive.”

– Bishop Mitchell Taylor,
Senior Pastor of Center of Hope International
CEO of East River Development Alliance

Absolutely critical for us that Fresh Direct remains in New York.”

– Brian Nicholson,
President at Red Jacket Orchards

We think it would be a detriment for Fresh Direct to leave the state; having them in New York means that we can continue to make our weekly deliveries to Fresh Direct. Fresh Direct is a home-grown success that will now continue to grow and create jobs in New York.”

– Kelly Donnelly,
Big Geyser

Like Fresh Direct, Gotham Greens also focused on local economic development, job creation and helping keep jobs close to home, seeing increased access for New Yorkers to healthy food, and to the environmental benefits of staying close to home.”

– Viraj Puri,
Co-Founder and CEO at Gotham Greens

In all, this project would provide an economic benefit to the city worth hundreds of millions of dollars, far outweighing the investment that will allow this homegrown company to expand right here in New York City.”

– Kyle Sklerov,
Spokesman NYC Economic Development Corporation

Move forward with their support and welcome FreshDirect to the Bronx.”

– Lenny Caro,
Bronx Chamber of Commerce Spokesman

Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s leadership, a true New York success story is staying in New York. This is another strong signal of how the Governor’s efforts to create a better business environment are paying off in the form of more jobs for New Yorkers.”

– Kenneth Adams,
Empire State Development President, CEO, & Commissioner

FreshDirect’s move to the Bronx will bring much needed jobs to the borough, along with additional business opportunities here and across the region for companies of all types. I look forward to working with them to expand the borough’s economy for years to come.”

– Marlene Cintron,
Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation President

In fact not only do I thank the above elected officials and organizations, I see it as their responsibility to protect the Hunts Point Community and The Bronx as a whole by bringing Fresh Direct to our borough.”

Bronx-based Blog

This company really helps people grow. It really helped me grow.”

– Amaury Garcia,
Fresh Direct Employee, Immigrant From the Dominican Republic

I wanted to go but I couldn’t help but like the people around me and I really admired the growth and positive changes in the company.”

– Jesse Cogdell,
Fresh Direct Employee, Native New Yorker

FreshDirect has provided my son and me the opportunities to grow as people. We work very hard and earn our ways and we feel very happy to work with this company.”

– Fanny Santana,
Fresh Direct Employee, Immigrant from Ecuador

As time went on I saw only opportunities in front of me and that made me feel as if the sky were the limit. FreshDirect also saw potential in me…FreshDirect helped me to make a positive change in my life. I want to give back that encouragement.”

– Kadesha Williams,
Fresh Direct Employee

FreshDirect is a good place. It gives a lot of opportunity. There are people who don’t speak English perfectly and they still get the opportunity to get promoted. It’s the same for everyone who wants to improve themselves, anyone can make their life better here.”

– Silvio Trumper,
Fresh Direct Employee, Immigrant from Argentina

Fresh Direct enables William Collier and other hard working men and women in our city to support themselves and their families. And that’s not only good for them; it’s good for all our communities. ”

– Bishop Mitchell Taylor,
Senior Pastor of Center of Hope International
CEO of East River Development Alliance

We’ve been fortunate enough to be in business with Fresh Direct for nearly a decade, going back to the early days of Fresh Direct.”

– Kelly Donnelly,
Big Geyser

[FreshDirect’s] continued growth is vital to our continued growth-of our farm, local growers, and community.”

– Paulette Satur,
Co-Founder and Owner at Satur Farms

Growth enabled us to make significant investments in juice facility in [GENEVA, NY] creating jobs in our local rural economy.”

– Brian Nicholson,
President at Red Jacket Orchards

Fresh Direct is one of our most generous food donors and largest donor of any New York grocer….Because of Fresh Direct, these programs can provide nutrient dense, healthy meals and groceries.”

– Matthew Reich,
VP of Food Sourcing and Information Systems at City Harvest

Over time, letting Fresh Direct go would’ve cost a lot more in lost tax revenues than the taxpayers are spending to keep the company here.”

– Hugh O’Neill,
President of Appleseed,
a New York City-based economic-development consulting firm

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Quick Facts


We will be creating and retaining 3,000 good-paying jobs.


Our move will help us deliver top-quality groceries and fresh produce to more New Yorkers.

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We are developing a green transportation fleet with clean technology to reduce pollution in the Bronx.