One of the most exciting aspects of our plan to relocate to a new, state-of-the-art facility in the Bronx is that we plan on adding up to 1,000 new jobs over the next ten years. But the announcement has sparked some questions about FreshDirect jobs, so we wanted to provide some facts:

First and foremost, the majority of our employees are New Yorkers, so we hope our decision to stay in the city will be as positive for them as it is for the company. By staying here, we hope to retain thousands of jobs and create new ones in the future.

Moving from Queens to the Bronx will be a significant transition, but we want to be clear that FreshDirect is looking to grow, not downsize, enabling our existing employees the opportunity to grow with the company.

That means providing them with a positive work environment and fair pay. Average wages for all hourly employees is $12.52 per hour. By comparison, the statewide and federal minimum wage is $8.00. Additionally, 91 percent of our hourly employees earn more than $9 per hour. Of the employees earning less than $9 per hour, tenure with the company is on average only 4 months.

While a third of our workers (delivery jobs) are part of a union, we encourage all of our employees to speak openly and freely with our management team to discuss all issues impacting their work lives. Our ability to engage directly with our employees without having a third party between us is part and parcel of our successes. We think our relocation to the Bronx will only serve to improve the work lives of our employees and we look forward to growing with them during this exciting time.

Quick Facts


We will be creating and retaining 3,000 good-paying jobs.


Our move will help us deliver top-quality groceries and fresh produce to more New Yorkers.

Going Green

We are developing a green transportation fleet with clean technology to reduce pollution in the Bronx.