Here are some important facts related to the incentives package we recently received as part of our relocation to the Bronx:

More than half (58 percent) of the total incentives package comes through real estate tax abatements. This is not cash out of current government budgets, which means there is no additional cost to taxpayers. If we were not making this move, this land would in all likelihood continue to be idle.

$18.9 million in benefits are tied to the creation of 1,000 jobs over the next decade. FreshDirect will not receive a single dollar from these credits until we meet certain benchmarks over that time period.

Additionally, $25 million in incentives will go directly into funding the construction of the new facility. Construction jobs will be partly paid for with these incentives, further helping stimulate the Bronx economy. And the state will be able to recoup most or part of its portion of the benefits if we fail to retain 1,949 full-time permanent employees from our current workforce. Finally, FreshDirect is covering over half of the total construction costs.

We are proud of the public-private partnership between FreshDirect, the state, and the city. This is a significant investment by all parties involved, and will help stimulate the local economy, encourage private sector growth, and help create new jobs for New Yorkers.

Quick Facts


We will be creating and retaining 3,000 good-paying jobs.


Our move will help us deliver top-quality groceries and fresh produce to more New Yorkers.

Going Green

We are developing a green transportation fleet with clean technology to reduce pollution in the Bronx.