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With our recent agreement with the city to open a new facility in the Bronx, local residents have expressed concern about the environmental impact.

Our goal is to move towards a 100 percent green transportation fleet over the next five years, part of our efforts to ensure FreshDirect is a good corporate citizen within the Bronx community. To start meeting this goal, we ordered 10 electric delivery trucks from Smith Electric Vehicles, which recently announced plans to open a clean technology manufacturing facility in the South Bronx.

In addition, this past year we began offering customers $2 off of their delivery fees if they choose a “green” delivery time slot, resulting in fewer truck delivery trips and a smaller environmental footprint.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, this is:

an eco-friendly innovation, but it also has the effect of grouping deliveries for more efficiency.”

We take the environmental and health concerns of the community very seriously and look forward to updating these areas of our business as the company expands. These efforts will only serve to empower our ability to offer our quality, fresh, healthy, and delicious foods to a wide-ranging network of consumers in a responsible way.


Quick Facts


We will be creating and retaining 3,000 good-paying jobs.


Our move will help us deliver top-quality groceries and fresh produce to more New Yorkers.

Going Green

We are developing a green transportation fleet with clean technology to reduce pollution in the Bronx.