With our forthcoming move to the Bronx, there’s been some discussion about how we determine the areas of the city to which we deliver our quality groceries.

As a business, our goal is to continue to grow, so of course we are going to look for ways to expand into parts of the city that we do not currently serve.

The Bronx is a perfect example.  This past May, we began serving every zip code in the borough, delivering on one of our key promises in anticipation of our move there. 

We’re excited about FreshDirect’s continued growth, and we look forward to providing accessible, fresh, quality groceries to all neighborhoods – especially where there might be few options in terms of local markets. We hope to bring fresh and healthy groceries to as many New Yorkers as we can.

Quick Facts


We will be creating and retaining 3,000 good-paying jobs.


Our move will help us deliver top-quality groceries and fresh produce to more New Yorkers.

Going Green

We are developing a green transportation fleet with clean technology to reduce pollution in the Bronx.